About Michiana Mailbox

Michiana Mailbox Replacement Services designs, builds, and installs residential mailboxes.  We offer a 5-year "no hassle" warranty that includes repair or complete replacement of any damaged portions of your purchased and installed unit. Post units are constructed using triple coated deck screws, galvanized bolts, and high quality lumber. Our goal is to keep the units looking and working as well as they did upon installation.  If there are any issues with your unit, we are motivated to solve them and expand our brand by keeping customers satisfied. 


Options for replacing your mailbox post are extremely limited.  "Big box" stores offer substandard wooden posts that often lack the length, and strength to be securely anchored in the ground.  Online kits are extremely expensive and still require additional materials and installation. The new lines of plastic units are often unattractive, lack durability, and still require wooden posts underneath for installation. "Handyman" built units, most often do not meet proper design and installation standards (examples: brick units, "fence type" multiple units with lengthy horizontal crossmembers, metal units with pipe in excess of 2in. in diameter, and/or wooden units with a post diameter exceeding 100 mm). These types of units could potentially lead to injury and legal repercussions if contacted by a roadway patron.  







What's the Difference?

Our innovative designs are attractive and are engineered for durability.  Most of our units  feature a center post spun at 45 degrees.  This feature creates the appearance of a larger profile while still meeting USPS guidelines for maximum post 

Michiana Mailbox
Michiana Mailbox

Michiana Mailbox - Mailbox Products, Installation, and Service

diameter (4x4).  In addition, the angles more effectively deflect snow and debris, resulting in less damage to your unit's post and mailbox.  Many units also feature a 2x8 horizontal cantilever mailbox support.  This support system allows for a smaller profile to reduce surface area, while protecting the underside of the mailbox from "lifting off" during contact with snow and debris.

Installation regulations also place the maximum depth of the post at 2 ft. and strongly discourage the use of cement as an anchor for the post. We use a technique with careful tamping of existing soil, which is the best method to maintain vertical stability. There is also a guarantee against leaning posts. We employ a rugged post removal device which is both safe and powerful to quietly remove the existing post.


We offer an attractive, cost effective, no maintenance, and warrantied alternative.  Our designs are innovative, durable, and conform to United States Postal Service (USPS), American Association of State Highway and Transportatation Officials (AASHTO), and Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for proper installation.  All designs are standardized for production while having multiple customizing options available. 


We started in the mailbox post design and installion business almost 20 years ago. We first started creating, observing, and installing units in Milwaukee, WI in 1997. After moving to Michiana in 1999, we have been observing posts and waiting for the right opportunity to re-launch the business here with fresh designs. We have scoured the internet for the past few years improving our knowledge of regulations, other products, and other companies performing similar services in select comunities all over the midwest. After looking at the regional competiton, we feel we have the best, most reasonably priced product available anywhere. We also have an unyeilding passion to provide the best products and services possible (yes, with almost 20 years of looking closely at mailboxes and posts- we are mailbox geeks).   


You own a beautiful home; consider complimenting it with a beautiful unit from Michiana Mailbox!


You don't have to just take our word for it. There are units previously installed in your immediate area that we will be more than happy to direct you to for inspection.