Rural - Cantilever Post


Black Box
Metal or Plastic
$109 Installed
Basic White Box
$99 Installed


  • 4x4 (3 1/2" x 3 1/2")cedar-tone pressure treated post

  • Post spun 45 degrees 

    • ​Meets USPS guidelines for post diameter (4"x4" maximum)

    • Larger profile

    • Angles more effectively deflect snow and debris

  • 2x8 horzontal mailbox support

    • ​Smaller profile reduces surface area for snow and debris

    • Protects underside of mailbox from lifting off during contact with snow and debris

  • Quality fasteners

    • ​3/8" galvanized bolt

    • Triple coated deck screws

  • USPS approved standard mailbox

Installed price includes: installation (within a 25 mile radius) and address numbers on the front of the mailbox. 

Get your own mailbox!

The Cantilever post can be further customized by shopping for your own mailbox. Many customers find their own mailbox, let us know the size and dimensions, and we  custom design the post to fit the size of the mailbox. If you need a slightly larger mailbox to accommodate package deliveries this is a great option. The post price remains the same (even though we don't have to use one of our standard boxes) due to the extra time needed to prepare for the custom box (due to higher road speeds and to avoid having too much surface area, Jumbo mailboxes are not reccommended).